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DRIP - Value Through Business and Time
Welcome to DRIP
DRIP is a web based organization which seeks to educate its viewers about Dividend Reinvestment Plans. We solely partake in imparting knowledge on one of the best investment plans for a profitable return on your investments. As you navigate through our site you will have all information that you need to make the first step into reinvestments.

Dividend Reinvested Plans are one of the best investment solutions to increase ones personal wealth. DRIPs are offered by publicly traded companies and aid investors increase their stockholding by reinvesting their cash dividend. Investors can partake in DRIPs with no commissions and brokerage paid to third parties. Most of the companies permit to buy additional shares under DRIP without incurring additional brokerage charges. This is known as Optional Cash Purchase Plan (OCP).

So in a nutshell, DRIP means:
  • Best reinvestment solution to increase ones personal wealth.

  • Elimination of Brokerage fees for investments in DRIPs.

  • Encouragement for the younger generation, the future investors, to participate and understand the value of investing.

  • Return on Investment is higher when compared with speculative trading.

  • Investing in multiple companies offering DRIPs can help to achieve diversification, thereby limiting risk.

  • Dollar Cost Averaging and Buy Hold strategies can benefit from DRIP investment for higher long term profit.