DRIP - Value Your Business & Time

DRIPs are an encouragement for investors to increase their personal wealth and effectively earn more profit by investing in their own profit. DRIPs are plans (without) commissions and fees which is more reliable when compared to mutual funds and speculative trading. DRIPs allow investors to buy shares at a discount frequently. Dollar Cost Averaging and Buy Hold strategies can benefit from DRIP investment for higher long term profit.

Why invest in DRIPs

DRIPs are setup by large companies in the share market and grant discounts on the shares bought through this method of reinvesting; this is more advantageous in comparison to market traders and mutual fund investors when taking a “deep rooted” approach. The speculative trading pattern may be a hit or miss game, predicting the success or failure of the game. DRIP investment is speculatively better than the traditional buying and selling of shares when risk is taken into consideration.
  • DRIPs are better investment programs when compared to mutual funds or other funds.

  • No commissions or fees while purchasing additional shares through DRIPs.

  • Discounted Price on purchases of stock from DRIP investment.

  • DRIPs attract investors to recycle investment into a company thereby increasing personal wealth and stake in the company.

  • The younger generation, the future investors can participate and understand the value of investing.

  • Companies can optimize future growth through use of dividends reinvested by the investor.
  • ROI (Return on Investment) is higher in DRIPs when compared with speculative trading of shares or mutual funds.

  • Diversification can be achieved by investing in multiple companies offering DRIP’s which helps to limit risk.